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posted in News by Fifteen

The Lonestar Rugby Conference and Fifteen have today announced there exciting new partnership.

The partnership will see Culver Academies Rugby outfitted with there very own line of high quaility and custom designed apparel both on and off the field begining the 2015/16 season. 

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Fifteen in recent months has worked tirelessly at bulding partnerships in North America and Australsia. Athletes and teams at all levels have been there focus. By bringing Culver Academies Rugby into the Fifteen brand, they are not only excited to showcase a passion for rugby, but there desire for growth and brand awareness in the youth markets. Commercial Partnership Manager Darren Scott says that the recent growth into other sporting markets like Australian Rules Football, Wrestling and Cricket is largely due to the relationships coninually being formed.

We can not wait to see Culver taking the field in the new Everest playing kit. They will be one the first teams to be outfitted in this new line. Being able to work closely with the administrators, coaching staff and players to get a custom look they were proud is something we have taken great pride in.

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